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Brent is a professional speaker, consultant and coach.

Employee Financial Wellness

Brent and his educational non-profit works with employers who want to help their people do a better job in managing their money and getting their financial house in order. As a result of the Foundation’s work (at the work site and online), people are more focused on what matters, have more control regarding their finances, are more productive on the job and ultimately have a path and plan for financial freedom.

Un-Common Sense for Growing Your Professional Practice

Very early in his career as a young man, Brent was putting up head-turning sales numbers and was being invited in to speak to organizations and their high performing teams, normally full of professionals much older with decades more experience than him. Brent’s ability to challenge self-limiting beliefs, redirect default behaviors, and create huge results is something very Un-Common in of itself!

Please send Brent an email or hop on the phone with him. He would love to hear from you and join your team.